The 5 Coolest Speakeasies in Phoenix

by | Feb 19, 2022



The 20s might not have been known for its ethicality, but the era certainly gave new meaning to glamour. Safe to say, illicit bars, otherwise known as speakeasies, were the highlight of the decade. While you can’t travel back in time and experience the glory of such vibrant bars, all hope isn’t lost yet. Phoenicians know that speakeasies are far from a forgotten part of history. Quite the contrary actually, the city pays an ode to the 20’s scandalous drinking culture while revamping it to fit a modern aesthetic.

So, if you haven’t already checked out the 5 coolest speakeasies in Phoenix, it’s time to right that wrong immediately!


1. Platform 18

While the name might remind you of a notorious Spanish thriller, Platform 18 is far from doom and darkness. Platform 18 resides near Indian School Road, although, it’s no place for minors – only adults who know how to have a good time! It is quite literally a train car-turned presidential bar! So, what if you don’t have a teleportation machine? With Platform 18, you can revisit the 20s through breathtaking cocktails and soak in the view of the mountains! Set in yellow lights and wooden décor, simply being seated at this bar feels like a scene out of a vintage movie. Due to its ever-evolving popularity, we recommend getting a reservation, especially on the weekends. Needless to say, you won’t want to miss out on one of Phoenix’s must-visit places. Remember, this isn’t a restaurant so you shouldn’t expect to find it like you would a traditional establishment. Just keep an eye out for a train-inspired cocktail bar. Yes, it’s that simple!



Address: 3626 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

2. Pigtails

Reminiscent of unfiltered speakeasy fashion, Pigtails lives up to its name. This bar is situated in only two locations. You can either visit downtown Phoenix or Desert Ridge Marketplace to get a much-needed dose of a luxe craft cocktail bar. Overall, the aesthetics are enough to wow visitors on their own. Rest assured, the moment you step foot inside, it will feel like a sight for sore eyes indeed! In terms of drinks, locals can be found raving about Pig Tails’ exclusive cocktails that are a far cry from what was served back in the dry days. So, quench your adventurous spirit and give Pigtails a try by heading over to City Scape. The bar is nestled among glorious greenery on E. 1 Washington Street. Changes are, you’ll be welcomed like family here, even among gangsters sharing shocking stories of the underworld.



Address: 1 E Washington St #128, Phoenix, AZ 85004

3. 36 Below

Tucked in the Biltmore area, 36 Below is just as mesmerizing as it sounds. If you have a knack for feisty cocktails and indulgent vibes, look no further. This bar is shrouded in gentle lighting, ambient sounds, crowd chatter, and lustrous décor. But that’s not even the best part. Don’t be surprised when you’re amazed to see molecular magic happening right at the bar! Everything about this 20’s inspired pub makes it worth the visit. What truly sets 36 Below apart is that it lets you earn it! True connoisseurs know this splendid space as ‘the secret bar below Sip Coffee’. You have to quite literally make your way to it through the ‘not so obvious’ staircase in Sip Coffee. Intriguing, right?



Address: 3620 E Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ, 85018

4. Gin & Reel

Whether you’re a fan of gin or vodka, you will definitely love this speakeasy! Nestled right behind The Stir Coffee Bar in North Phoenix, the bartenders here serve the most unique drinks to date. If you’re not up to date with Google Maps, simply walk around High St Suite #103 and you’ll be where you’re supposed to in no time. While some describe the atmosphere as embellished, others bask in the luxury of it all! Rest assured, there’s much more than just alcohol at this joint. You’re bound to reclaim your innate love for coffee after just a few trips to Gin & Reel. This speakeasy presents itself as a welcome treat after walking through a coffee house. You must make your way to the unmissable blue telephone booth, give the password and walk right in.



Address: 5415 E High St Ste 103, Phoenix, AZ 85054

Up for a drink?

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more relaxing than a few drinks after a long day of crunching hard at the desk. If life’s challenges are bringing you down, it’s only fair that you get a break. While popping a bottle of Hennessey at home might get the job done, why enjoy alcohol half- heartedly?

Phoenix’s speakeasy-inspired bars offer a range of luscious cocktails that speak to your soul. In that, you’ll be able to savor the taste long after the buzz finally hits you. So, do justice to ‘drinking culture’ and check some of these places out for yourself!

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