Drink in AZ

Campaign Highlights:

– 5K to 40K Increase in Followers
– 230,000 Accounts Reached
– 10,890 Profile Visits


Drink in AZ is an Arizona-lifestyle brand focused on building a community of beverage lovers alike. When their parent company, Hensley Beverage Company first came to us with a collaboration in mind we were eager to get started. The goal was to support their sponsorship with The Phoenix Suns, so we crafted a social media giveaway to introduce their new brand Drink in AZ to the Arizona market while simultaneously promoting the Phoenix Suns playoff run. The numbers do not lie and this has lead Drink in AZ to become a household Arizona brand.

  • Sight Seeing 90% 90%
  • Transportation 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%

What was the challenge?

There were a few challenges with working with a new brand like Drink in AZ. While their parent company was a well-established brand here in Arizona, the limited brand awareness online presented the biggest hurdle for us. The company was new to the social media market and lacked an established reputation. Secondly, tight budgets restricted the resources available for marketing activities, requiring creative and cost-effective strategies. Lastly, adapting their traditional brand to a rapidly changing market required agility and flexibility to ensure the marketing efforts remain relevant and effective. Overcoming these challenges required careful planning, innovative thinking, and a deep understanding of Drink in AZ’s unique value proposition.

How we helped

We knew right off the bat with the huge viral push of the Phoenix Suns getting into the playoffs, we could interject ourselves into that mix. We proposed hosting a giveaway for playoff tickets to get a portion of the buzz while introducing Drink in AZ to our 200k audience. Drink in AZ in the span of a week gained over 30,000 new followers and reached over 230,000 accounts. The giveaway gave Drink in AZ an entirely new audience and gave them a voice in a week’s time.

Where are they now?

@welcometoarizona Exploring the best of Northern Arizona with our friends from @Drink in AZ & @Mother Road Brewing Company : ?️El Tovar Dining Room ?Canyon Coaster Adventure Park ?Mother Road Brewing Cheers to great adventures and unforgettable flavors ???? #arizona #arizonacheck #roadtrip #fyp #summer2023 #thingstodo ♬ original sound - welcometoarizona

“The Welcome to Arizona team has been a dream to work with! Their professionalism coupled with undeniable creativity continues to manifest into successful campaigns and exponential growth. For instance, one campaign we worked on together helped us increase our follower growth by nearly 40%! Another campaign, aimed at launching a new product in the Phoenix market, helped the brand successfully achieve their sales goals & created exceptional buzz around the product.”

Alexia Maze, Digital Marketing Specialist, Drink in AZ, Hensley Beverage Company

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