Platform 18

Campaign Highlights:

– 1000% Website Traffic Increase
– 1,800,000 Video Post Views


Platform 18 was looking for a trendy and flashy video showcasing their glamorous and Presidential Pullman-inspired train car. They have over 40 exclusive cocktails at their immersive train bar that needed to be shown to everyone. This one of a kind cocktail bar reached out to our team to create something special and the rest is history.

  • Sight Seeing 90% 90%
  • Transportation 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%

What was the challenge?

At the time of our collaboration, Platform 18 did not have a strong online presence. They were looking for a marketing team to tell an engaging story and bring them the attention they deserve. With our creative direction we created their most successful social media video that led them to gain 80-150 daily followers. In addition to the massive follower count they received, they also increased their website traffic by 1000%!

How we helped

Our creative team really wanted to capture the feel of the prohibition era so we can used a certain camera to capture the cinematic video. The video went viral reaching over 1.8 million views and they saw a ton of increase in bookings. They were super happy and we have continued to work together.

Where are they now?

“Welcome to Arizona created a video for Platform 18 and it’s probably the most successful social media push we’ve had since opening Century Grand. We typically average about 30 new followers per day. It jumped up to around 80-150 followers per day. We’ve gained a total of 1,081 new followers since the Tik Tok post on our IG. Our website has also seen a 1,000% increase each day since they posted it and we are fully booked every day this week.”

Kailee Asher, Marketing & PR Barter & Shake Creative Hospitality

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