The Hundley Foundation

Campaign Highlights:

  • 300% Increase in Followers
  • 326,900+ Accounts Reached
  • 1,718 Profile Visits

Our friend and Arizona native, Brett Hundley reached out to us for help with his annual Poker Run for his non-profit The Hundley Foundation to raise funds for initiatives that help kids and families impacted by epilepsy. Our campaign helped raise over $20k in donations and 50+ additional sign ups to their Arizona Poker Run in 2023.

  • Sight Seeing 90% 90%
  • Transportation 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%

What was the challenge?

When it comes to marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations, there are a unique set of challenges that can arise. Firstly, limited resources and budgets can make it difficult to compete with larger organizations or businesses in terms of visibility and reach. Secondly, building awareness and generating support for a cause requires effective storytelling and messaging that resonates with the target audience. Additionally, establishing credibility and trust is crucial, as potential donors and supporters want assurance that their contributions will be used effectively. Another challenge is maintaining engagement and keeping donors and supporters connected to the organization’s mission over time. Lastly, navigating the complex landscape of regulations and compliance specific to non-profits can add another layer of complexity. Overcoming these challenges requires strategic planning, leveraging partnerships and collaborations, utilizing digital marketing tools effectively, and cultivating strong relationships with donors and supporters based on transparency and impact.

How we helped

The beauty of what we do is we have the ability to make a simple Instagram video into a viral phenomena that makes people tag and share with their friends. That is what we set to do with this campaign. While the event for the Poker Run was scheduled for the future, we had to come with creative solutions of piecing content together that would bring that awareness and virality without us having video content of the Poker Run itself. With the help of Rick Harrison, Pawn Star’s Main Host, we had him create a personalized message of him talking to the camera for us to use for our video. As soon as we posted the video, the buzz began. The video had reached over 250,000 unique accounts and signups begin pouring in for the first ever Arizona Poker Run. Combined with additional graphic posts on our social media highlighting the event, this became one of the best non-profit campaigns in our history.

“This first-ever Poker Run AZ exceeded all of our expectations with a whopping 334 in attendance – more than any other Pawn Stars Poker Run. There were 5 stops along the way culminating at the world renowned Roosters Country in Mesa Arizona. The revenue from this event was $22,000. One participant said, “I have been to A LOT of poker runs and this is by far the best one ever!” – Shannon Sparling Abdul-Wahab, CEO

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