Best Things to do after 9pm in Phoenix

by | Jul 6, 2022

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is known for its year-round sunshine and warm temperature. Regardless of its small size, it hosts several main attractions for tourists traveling to Arizona. For instance, there are tons of fun activities that you can do during the day including bicycling, swimming and hiking. However if you are more into the avoiding the scorching sun during the day there is a lot more than you can do at night. The night entertainment choices are endless!

Listed below are the 3 best things to do after 9 pm in Phoenix, check them out so that you can make the most out of your trip.

1.  Taco Boys


One of the best options to hang out at night in Phoenix is Taco Boys. It is a fast-casual Mexican spot right off of Roosevelt in downtown Phoenix. Having a Mexican culinary experience, it serves tacos al carbon, cooked over the fire (they use mesquite charcoal here). Furthermore, the food is cooked right in front of you on an open fire of Mesquite Charcoal Wood. Make your pick from a variety of food options including chicken, beef, pork and burros.

Although Taco Boys does not have a cocktail bar here, you can get bottled as well as fountain drinks, local and imported beers, Micheladas (beer, lime juice, assorted sauces, spices, tomato juice, & chile peppers) & daily made Horchata – a Mexican staple made with rice water, milk, vanilla, & cinnamon.

Moreover, the salsa bar at the Taco Boys tastes authentic with lots of salsa options to choose from. This includes pickled onions, regular onions with cilantro, radishes, cucumbers, and limes. Additionally, you can also mix and match the options to enhance your tacos in a variety of different ways. It’s always lively and busy.

The service at Taco Boys is pretty quick with an attendant is available at every beck and call, and the food is served hot off the grill. Overall, the eatery’s explicitly grand ambience, the warm, inviting atmosphere and yummy food will make you want to go back to Taco boys again and again.

2.  The Pemberton


Located right next to Hance Park, Pemberton is a multi-use space and one of the most unique places in downtown Phoenix. The entire area around Pemberton is accessible and offers an amazing outdoor experience. There are plenty of spots in Pemberton for you to check out. They’ve improved so much since their launch by adding more services and varieties, such as a film bar, which has moved its indoor movies outside. The screen is more extensive than the indoor venue, and the sound is impressive. Moreover, it also consists of a lot of photographable spots.

The music at The Pemberton is always great and you have some great food choices as well. This gated, maze-like utopia is filled with food trucks providing various options such as including pasta, fish tacos, Asian street food, beers, cocktails, ice cream and more. You can also find boozy milkshakes as well as traditional cocktails to quench your thirst. The Mexican sodas are a refreshing treat on the warm Phoenix evenings and you can try out boozy popsicles too.

All in all, the location is excellent with a fantastic layout with fire pits to keep you warm during colder nights. The Ambience, culture, taste, smell; this place provides everything that you will need to make your stay special. Don’t forget to explore the small shops within the Pemberton house to admire some cool art and sculptures.

2.  Mavrix Scottsdale


Mavrix Scottsdale is a newly launched entertainment spot with multiple services. When in Phoenix, you should definitely add this place to your list and spend a memorable night with your friends and family. It is one spot for all your entertainment needs from sports to food to parties.

With professional chefs with years of experience, Mavrix offers you a wide range of delicious cuisines to choose from. This means that you can enjoy a summer night with your loved ones while treating your taste buds with delicious food. There are different games that you may enjoy, including bowling and arcade, alongside movies and shows displayed on the TV screen.

In addition to food and sports services, Mavrix also allows you to host private parties to celebrate your special days. Their customer service is excellent and your visit is bound to be worthwhile.

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