Best 8 Taco Spots in Arizona That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

by | Aug 25, 2021


It’s no wonder that Arizona is home to some of the best tacos you’ll ever eat in the US. These culinary masterpieces are at the center of Arizona culture, so naturally, there are tons of options to choose from.

And while it’s tempting to try out every single taquería in AZ, life is short and we want the best. So here are the top 8 taco spots in Arizona you absolutely have to try.


1. Taco Boys

This Downtown Phoenix location is the first on our list for a reason. They have everything you need in a taco shop – carne asada, pollo, tripa, cabeza, pastor barbacoa. All their meats are cooked fresh over a charcoal grill and the flavors burst out at you upon first bite.

AZ Taco Boys definitely know tacos, which is why they’ve just opened a second location in Tempe for us to fall in love with. In fact, their Tempe location might be even better than the original – if that’s possible! One of the reasons being the full wall of beers on tap to wash down your tacos. So don’t forget to stop by during Happy Hour and make the most of your day.


Address: 620 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

2. Tacos Chiwas

With three locations to choose from Tacos Chiwas is an amazing family-owned taquería dedicated to all things tacos. Their namesake tacos have Anaheim chiles, jalapeños, and asadero cheese, so if you’re in the mood for mouth-burning goodness – look no further.

This Chihuahuan-style taquería has authentic recipes that you won’t want to miss. Their classic pork taco with cilantro and white onion is proof that there’s nothing better than a traditional recipe.

Don’t forget to try their vegetarian-friendly Calabacitas tacos if you’re going for a meatless Monday!


Address: 1028 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85014


3. Tacos Tijuana

Tacos Tijuana has grown to six amazing locations throughout AZ, so no matter where you live, you’re not too far from a savory meal. They’ve been voted for best tacos in the Valley by Phoenix Magazine, and with good reason. Their 7th Street location in Phoenix has a special place in our heart, but all of them are amazing.

Besides their delicious grab-n-go menu, they also have vegetarian and keto menus, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, going to their Sheridan location is a must on the weekend to get your filling’s worth of Birria tacos.


Address: 4925 W. Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85308

4. Unos Tacos

Whether you’re craving traditional soft tacos or you’re looking for some culinary inventions – Unos Tacos is the place to go. Their quesotaco is a grilled taco that is unlike any other taco you’ve ever tried.

And if you’re in the mood to try something besides a traditional taco, go for their vampiro birria de res. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything they offer!

They’re definitely one of our top spots for birria tacos in AZ, so make sure you write this one down.


Address: 2929 N 75th Ave #31, Phoenix, AZ 85033


5. TA Carbon

Ta’Carbon is famous for their charcoal-grilled steak tacos and are considered a staple in the West Valley. They believe the secret to their great food is their mesquite grill and their high-quality ingredients. Open every day of the week, you can get your taco-fix whenever you need.

Their mission is to provide the best Carne Asada in the US – and they certainly deliver! This top-notch taco joint serves authentic tacos with the best ingredients, proving once again that Arizona is home to the best tacos.


Address: 2929 N 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85019

6. The Taco Spot

Moving on to Chandler, AZ, The Taco Spot’s Surf and Turf Taco is a must if you’re in the area. You get the best of both worlds with this carne asada and shrimp combination. These mouth-watering tacos will have you coming back every day of the week for more.

The Taco Spot is home to some really interesting culinary twists. So if you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to try their Birria Ramen to dip their Birria taco in! Yes, you read that right – Birria. Ramen. And it’s even better than it sounds. Do we even have to mention their super Instagrammable Tempe location? Make sure to put this one on your list.


Address: 698 E Chandler Blvd Suite B, Chandler, AZ 85225


7. Tacos Barbon

Who doesn’t love a good food truck? This authentic taquería can be found throughout Buckeye serving the best Red Birria tacos in the area. Their slogan is “Not Your Average Taco” and we certainly understand why. Tacos Barbon shows that you don’t need a Michelin Star eatery – or even a fixed restaurant – to serve some of the best food around.

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican street taco experience, this is definitely the place to go. Check out their new location at the Holiday Inn on Dysart Road in Goodyear for a full dining experience. Also give them a follow oInstagram if you’re ready to start craving these overstuffed tacos.


Address: 1188 N Dysart Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85395

8. Tumerico

Tumerico brings 100% vegetarian and vegan tacos with a rotating daily menu. Even if you’re not vegetarian, they’re well worth the venture over. They’ve been featured on The Food Network impressing Guy Fieri with their jackfruit tacos. Some of their other most common tacos are the Cuban, Al Pastor, and Texas BBQ tacos. You might as well just try them all – we won’t tell anyone.

This from-scratch kitchen is completely vegetarian and gluten-free, making it a great place to eat for everyone. They use all-local ingredients, freshly made in their kitchen, so it really couldn’t get any better than this! If you’re in the Tuscon area, you have to move Tumerico to the top of your list.


Address: 2526 E 6th St, Tucson, AZ 85716


Getting hungry?

Some of the best tacos you’ll ever eat are right here in Arizona just waiting for you to swing by. So make sure to support your local taquerías – your stomach will thank you later!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more more recommendations in Arizona. And leave a comment down below with your suggestions on the best restaurants in Arizona! Until next time.


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